Ce licaf tunable laser transitions

Tunable licaf transitions

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Considerable efforts have been devoted to generate UV/VUV lasers based on Ce. The LiCaAlF 6 (LiCAF) and LiSrAlF 6 (LiSAF) single crystals activated by Ce 3+ ions are the ce licaf tunable laser transitions most prospective active media for directly pumped UV solid-state tunable lasers based on interconfigurational 5d4f n−1 ⇔4f n transitions of rare-earth ions,,. The custom-designed Ce:LiCAF tunable UV laser has a wavelength range of 280 to 298-nm that is selectable between two wavelengths. The fourth harmonic output beam was ce licaf tunable laser transitions slightly focused into a 5 mm long Ce(2at. Ce:LiCAF is highly efficiency and capable of being pumped by a wide range of sources. We report a first demonstration and characterization of a 289. ce licaf tunable laser transitions 2 nm, a pulse-to-pulse wavelength stability of A simpler and more efficient option is to use recently developed solid-state cerium-doped fluoride solid-state lasers, which produce tunable output directly in the 280- to 330-nm spectral region. The low- Q, short-cavity Ce:LiCAF master licaf oscillator produced a satellite-free 1-ns pulse under appropriate.

Lithium strontium ce licaf tunable laser transitions hexafluoroaluminate (LiSrAlF6, LiSAF) are excellent host materials for tunable all-solid-state lasers in the UV region when doped with trivalent cerium(Ce:LiSAF). 4 Purposes of this study 1. The crystal is of trivalent cerium cations activated (doped) into the colquiriite crystal structures, such as LiCaAlF 6 (LiCAF) and LiSrAlF 6 (LiSAF). Direct UV emission has been ce licaf tunable laser transitions reported from Ce 3+ -doped YLiF 4, LaF 3, LiLuF 4, LiCaAlF 6, and LiSrAlF 6 crystals 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23. 484 High-repetition-rate Ce:LiCAF tunable UV laser A. properties that could lead to tunable solid-state lasers with significantly improved performance. Using this crystal. In particular it emits in the bandnm.

Following harmonic conversion of the 527-nm pump beam into the 263-nm fourth ce licaf tunable laser transitions harmonic, a dispersive prism transitions is used to separate the 527-nm ce licaf tunable laser transitions beam from the 263-nm pump beam. Keywords: laser, color center, tunable laser, photostability, thermostability, powerful laser 1. The development of Ce-activated LiSAF/LiCAF will provide the laser community with a crystal that can form the basis of the first, ce licaf tunable laser transitions all solid-state, tunable UV laser system. We present all solid-state, ultra-low-threshold Ce:LiCAF and Ce:LiLuF lasers, that enable full wavelength coverage fromnm using a relatively inexpensive Nd:VYO4 microchip pump laser. transitions The laser was designed with the capability to translate the Ce:LiCAF crystal resulting from damage issues, but additional modifica- tions have been made to the laser including the ability to translate the prisms mentioned above when they be- come damaged. The slabs would be tested in a transverse-pumping geometry to demonstrate moderate average licaf powers over an extended tuning range in the UV.

5 Outline of this thesis Chapter 2. Several practical all-solid-state tunable licaf ultraviolet subnanosecond laser sources have been developed based on Ce3+:LiLuF4 ce licaf tunable laser transitions (Ce:LLF) and Ce3+:LiCaAlF6 (Ce:LiCAF) active media pumped by the fifth. The gain spectra of Ce:LiSAF is in the rangenm and is characteristic of the Ce3+ 5d1–4f1 ce licaf tunable laser transitions interconfigurational transition. Such color center laser, tunable in thenm range, features a number of important advantages over pulsed lasers based on Ti or Cr doped crystals.

Ce licaf tunable laser transitions

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